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Cruz – Sunshine


N.A.Pocalypse Entertainment, Impressive Music Entertainment and Iaconiq present “One Hunne’d” music video
November 30 – JAMAICA – N.A.Pocalypse Entertainment released the official music video for
Florida-based rapper Iaconiq’s single, “One Hunne’d” Monday evening. The video, shot in the
artists’ home state, is directed by Iaconiq and available online via YouTube and Vimeo.
Producers D.E. and Sadiq and producer/artist J-won – collectively recognized as IME, a Jamaican
entertainment group – produced the single, released earlier this fall. Iaconiq also produced,
wrote and recorded the track in his home studio in Miramar, Fla.
While Iaconiq’s album is under construction and no release date is confirmed, his mixtape, Mr.
Mean16 is set for a January release.
To view the official music video for “One Hunne’d” visit: . For
more information on and music from Iaconiq, view his electronic press kit at .


N.A.Pocalypse Entertainment was established in 2008 by Floyd Quarrie and Joel ‘Iaconiq’
Gilfillian with the merger of their independent music groups NAPALM and APOCALYPSE SOUND
SYSTEM. The company was developed with its focus on multimedia production and
management. The merger of the names defines uniqueness; it highlights the company’s
approach to their field of music: as greatly impactful as napalm explosive and looking toward
the production of a new apocalypse of music and multimedia production.


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Cruz Bio

John Clay Ewan David, know better as Cruz (Born November 12th) is a recording artist, record producer, writer, and actor. He is best known for his work with Impressive Music Entertainment (I.M.E.). His rap style is mostly an outlet to vent the frustrations from his harsh life and childhood. Cruz quickly gained popularity as an underground artist after the combination of talents merged between the upcoming artist (Cruz) and producer Sadiq Rhoden better known as Sadface. Cruz is very dedicated when it comes to mastering his craft, and show’s improvement in every project. Cruz’s associated acts would be : Landlord and Ed Mac of Slow Bucks, John Depp and other members of(Skull Gang), Guillotine of V.M.S, Jason (J-won) (Ime) Smalling, and many more… Cruz has also worked with a number of different producers such as : Sadiq (Sadface) Ime Rhoden, Jason (J-won) Ime Smalling, Duane Ime Edwards, Gibby & DubMetal Dwayne Tesheira & Dappa of D&D Production and many many more…… What sets Cruz different from other artist(s) in the music industry would be his versatility, his impeccable flow combined with his near flawless composition, he’s able to react with people, he love’s the thrill of traveling and live performances and he’s not one to disappoint. If one would like to contact Cruz for any reason he can be found at
All the people that look for good music, join my group, I cover songs of the genres : Rap (mainly) and fusion of rap mixed with R&B, Rock, Dancehall etc……. Also Cruz is very versatile, and can work on any instrumental. Motto : Instrumental don’t make an artist, it’s the artist that makes the instrumental. The group will inform the followers on any movements being made by Cruz A.K.A Cruzeebaby [:)] Management and Booking Info :
Jean (Rico) Joseph Contact : # : 646831152

J-won – Wine (Produced by IME)


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J-won Bio

Sometimes a dream might be just a dream, but for others realizing a dream is a driven ambition. From his early childhood days, Jason ‘J-won’ Smalling has been chasing the dream of becoming a world-renowned singer/songwriter/producer. But in Jamaica where the music is mainstream dancehall, a singer is hardly recognized for the magnitude of his work.However, with the influx of new talent like J-won, Jamaica has been hit by a world wind of never ending talented Reggae/R&B crooners, of which J-won know falls in line with. His musical ambitions have been long coming, and when he and close friends came up with the concept of their own record label, a dream became a reality.Though a far stretch from the ultimate dream; this crooner has been getting the exposure and recognition needed to cross-over not only in the Jamaican market, but internationally with his smooth and effervescent lyrics. His first hit single “Got It Good” earned rave-reviews from peers through social networking sites such as My Space, You tube and Face book.Now that the dream is actualized, J-won has been hitting the studio up recording a slew of new tracks for his ever growing fan base. Follow up tracks such as “Crazy Love” and “Tonight” have also been added to his expanding list of records, which he hopes will become additional tracks for his upcoming debut album.With fans now transcending the borders of Jamaica, J-won has started making appearances at several local shows and have even been getting airplay on some radio stations in Jamaica. So become a part of the growing fan base and watch as this Reggae/R&B crooner starts his domination of the changing music industry.

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In 2006, the Impressive Music Entertainment Company was founded by aspiring music producer Duane ‘D.E’ Edwards and close friends and business associates Jason ‘J-won’ Smalling and Sadiq Rhoden.

Since its inception, IME has focused its attention on creating hard-hitting music that span various genres including dancehall, hip hop, R&B, reggae and pop by combing the musical styling of multi-talented artistes with lyrics that have already hit high notes with fans worldwide.

Though initially a production company, DE and associates saw where the opportunity existed to expand their practice and ventured off into even greater depths; talent management.

The label’s first artiste J-won has already been carrying the IME banner and taking IME’s music to the world. A slew of records have already hit the market and the company is now aggressively marketing some of its highly-anticipated rhythms.

Presently, the company is operated on a daily basis by Manager Duane Edwards and Sadiq Rhoden as Marketing Director. Despite the obvious challenge of scarce resources, the company’s Management ensures that IME’s business is first priority and that all aspects of its operations are skillfully covered.

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